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Who Gets Invited

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

It is no secret that weddings are a huge undertaking. Costly but, one of the most important and special days of our lives and we want no expense spared in celebrating it. After all, a girl dreams from a very young age of what her wedding day will be and Pinterest fuels the fire of imagination in encouraging us to "do it all!" And of course, we want all those we love and know to witness this special time in it's beauty. Sorting through who should and should not take part in it all is one of the biggest struggles for any and every bride and groom to be. It is key to know your guest count from the very beginning of your planning process. One main reason is to ensure your venue you have your heart set on can accommodate everyone. But, when it comes down to it and reality sets in of the true cost, we often find ourselves needing to cut back when budget and that reality don't come together. After all, every guest is a cost. It costs for them to have a ”seat” and to “eat” and that is why the venue and food is two of the largest expenses. When we say “eat” that even goes into the slice of cake cost because every baker will ask, “how many servings?” That leaves the big question of, "Can I really afford this size wedding with that many guest?" With that said, we wanted to share this visual to help you determine those who are a "must" to be a part of this moment without you feeling guilty that you didn't invite them.

Chart credit: Oh Best Day Ever

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