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10 Things Forgotten

Being that many couples are paying for the majority of their wedding expenses on their own, DIY is a term more commonly used in wedding planning. Securing a wedding professional for every aspect of the wedding is not realistic to many these days. Having a friend manage a playlist on an Ipad in lieu of a DJ, having an aunt who makes delicious cakes and pies gift wedding cupcakes and a cake instead of hiring the baker in town, appointing a friend with great organization skills to coordinate the details and make sure everything goes smoothly instead of hiring a day of coordinator are just a few alternatives that many DIY couples are incorporating into their planning process. Of course a lot of expenses can be saved but, do they save the peace of mind a professional would provide? Sometimes. We are not saying that these ideas are all bad but, there are some details that will fall through the cracks and could cause more issues than most realize. With that said, we are giving a list of 10 things that are often forgotten when friends and family take on the roles for the DIY bride.

1. Cake serving set

2. Lighters for sparklers

3.Extinguish bucket

4. Box for top tier of cake to save for 1 year anniversary

5. Box for remaining cake from groom's cake and main cake

6. Cake server

7. Cake plates

8. Snacks for bridal party while getting ready

9. Guest book pens

10. Timeline of events

Let's discuss each...

Cake serving set. Is it really a big deal to forget? Doesn't your caterer have a knife? Unless your caterer was specifically hired for cake cutting services, it is doubtful that they will carry a knife large enough to cut through tall layers of your cake and have a serving utensil to guide it carefully to plate.

Lighters for sparklers. Won't everyone have a lighter in their pocket that we can ask to use? Most DIY planners often forget that a lighter is even needed until it is time to light the sparklers at the end of the night. Making a mad dash to guest after guest asking if they have lighters to assist in this task causes chaos and takes time. Come prepared with having several grill lighters on hand to be passed out to guest and light when your photographer says, "Go!" Timing is everything for the photos. You will thank us later! And what to do with those sparklers that are used or even still lightly smoldering? Not every sparkler you have purchased and left in the original container for guest to take will be used and having a smoldering sparkler placed in with ones not used will surely get the fireworks going! Remember that you need a container with at least 1 inch of sand in the bottom to house all sparklers that have been lit.

Are you saving the top tier of your cake for your 1 year anniversary celebration? What will you do with the remaining cake and cupcakes that were passed over? BOXES! You are going to need a few of them actually. Often your hired baker will provide or at least ask if you would like boxes with your order but, if a friend or family member has gifted them to you, you won't know to think of them. A few individual boxes are perfect to have on hand as well to send guest home with all these goodies and not let them go to total waste if a lot is left over.

Cake server. No, we aren't referring to the shiny silver utensil that we mentioned above. We are referring to the actual person in charge of cutting, plating and serving your cake. Often this can be an additional service purchased but, if you have had your sweets gifted to you, you are going to have to have this task carefully covered with someone who knows how to cut your cake correctly. If not, you are at risk of having over served slices which can cause cake shortage or if cut incorrectly, your cake can actually topple over or fall! Discuss adding in this service with your caterer, baker or even sometimes your coordinator. This extra service typically runs $35 to $50 but, to save $300 or more falling into the floor is well worth the investment. If you have to opt for having a point person volunteer for this service, have them to educate themselves on the proper way to cut a cake with several Youtube videos and a little practice at home weeks in advance. If you are having this conversation with your caterer, go ahead and ask if cake plates are included in the price of your catered meal. If not, either ask to price into your package or purchase them separately and have them available to your cake server.

Snacks for bridal party. They are eating at the reception, right? Of course they are but, getting ready and having photos taken will have you and your bridal party tied up for the majority of the day and will build up an appetite fast. Having light snacks available in the getting ready rooms is a must to keep your crew hydrated and happy until then. We suggest fruit, veggies, finger sandwiches and other finger foods as well as bottled waters or lemonade to avoid stains on attire. Steer clear of things like pizza, punch and dipping sauces that are red, yellow and brown. Go ahead and pack a stain stick regardless in that bridal emergency kit regardless.

Guest book pens. Yes, they are forgotten MANY times. Be sure to pair your pens with the type of guest book option you are providing. Sharpies and paint pens for wood and gel pens or fine point are best for paper. Of course fabric pens for any type of fabric. Have at least 2-3 pens available for guest to use.

The most important element forgotten when DIY planning is a timeline. You will have many events during a reception that are important and having a timeline as to when those will take place will not only cut down on chaos and confusion for you and your guest but, it helps your photographer, DJ and videographer know when they all need to be available to capture those moments perfectly. Your DJ can clue in your guest ahead of time by announcing each event so they won't miss the moments as well. Having a professional coordinator to plan all of this and execute it is money well spent and we highly recommend it. Having your friends and family be totally present in the moments as a spectator instead of participant is the best gift you can give them for the day. These items forgotten and many more can be avoided by hiring a coordinator that's main focus is attention to all details and providing suggestions to all.

We'll share more details on how to plan your reception timeline in the future so stay tuned and continue to follow us!

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