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Bridal Bouquet Alternatives

Looking for something as unique as you are for your special day? Ever considered having your bridesmaids carry something other than a bouquet? Look at the these amazing options we found on Pinterest that we think you should give some consideration. Some can even save you big on budget.

Floral hoops are most definitely our favorite.

Floral hoops! They are most definitely our favorite. Ranging from wire, embroidery hoops and even grape wreaths, floral hoops only need minimal florals to pull of this gorgeous bouquet alternative. Even better, they can double as a gift! Your bridesmaids can keep them and hang on their door or wall and always have a beautiful reminder of the day.

Let them keep them keep these beautiful wreaths as a gift for dual purpose!

Lanterns can be another amazing option. Not to mention, if you are a Farm at Bentley Fields bride to be, we have several you can use and save even more! Whether they are carried plain and simple or given a little extra love with some greenery and florals, lanterns can definitely make a statement carried down the aisle. They can also become dual purpose of placing them on the reception tables after photos.

Corsages are another great alternative. They are small but, oh so elegant and make a statement. These are not your mother of the bride/groom and grandmother corsages but, a great accent piece that is coming on strong. Take it a step further and add a matching hair comb or floral crown to complete the look without breaking the budget that a traditional bouquet would. Thinking of all the close up shots and hand in hand photos with your brides babes has our minds racing! Especially the hands on the bride as they pray shot that is definitely one of our favorite moments seen captured. The corsages would definitely command attention.

Other options we love are candlesticks, a vintage clutch, paper or wicker fans, lace parasols and even vintage books for the avid readers. You can truly represent your style in so many ways. Your budget may be limited but, your options are not!

Photo credits: TheKnot, Pinterest, Wedding Chics and other respective contributors to Pinterest.

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