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Fall Glam

When most of us hear the words "Fall Wedding," it is only natural that we expect to see every hue of yellow, red and orange to be represented. After all, those colors are simply captivating this time of year and nature sure knows how to blend them perfectly. We've mentioned that Fall weddings are our favorite on our Facebook and Instagram and these colors are a major reason why. But, have you ever looked at Fall and had the words "glitzy" and "glamorous" come to mind? After today, you surely will with the gorgeous pins we have put together on our Pinterest boards! We say give us all the glittered pumpkins and gold candle holders you can find and sprinkle those edible sequins all over that cake girl because "Fall Glam" is a term you are going to FALL in love with!

Although the bright and vibrant jewel tones are most favored for a fall wedding, we are seeing more neutrals and metallic used in fall glam. The use of ivory, white, khaki, bronze and champagne as the base then accenting it with a pop of a jewel tone is so mesmerizing. Some of the cake trends seen below are prime examples of how it can all be incorporated beautifully.

Infusing these colors with white, ivory and gold glittery pumpkins scattered on tables gives such a clean and glamorous new life to the traditional fall wedding. Adding an abundance of metallic or jewel toned votives is a must to your tablescapes. Why? Because ambiance is key to a memorable reception. Our mind's eye is swooning over the possibilities. To say we are eager to see more of this trend come to life in the upcoming months and in events here at the farm is an understatement. We love brides that are outside the box and make their event as unique as they are. Be the statement maker and not a re creator of something done repeatedly is our motto!

Need more inspiration for this trend? Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to see all our favorites for all aspects of wedding planning and current events at Farm at Bentley Fields. Find a favorite pin we don't have listed? Send it to us to share with others! We would love to see your favorites too!

Photo credits: Pinterest, Elle Decor, Hey Wedding Lady, Friar Tux

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